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    ina-US Agreement on Cooperation in Science and Technology," said ▓the statement.Both sides agreed to further upgrade the level of exchanges and c▓ooperation in scientific and technological innovation through the China-US Joi▓nt Commission on Science and Technology Co

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    operation.The two countries "look forward to expanding discussions

    on space science cooperation and starting a dialogue on human space flight and space exploration, based on the principles of transparency, reciprocity and mutual benefit," s▓aid the statement.The two sides will exchange visits of the NASA Administrator and the app

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eed▓ to strengthen cooperation on civil aviation, and to expand the Memorandum of Agreement▓ for Technical Cooperation in the field of Civil Aviation between the Civil Aviation Administratio▓n of China (CAAC) and the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States.Besides the aviation field, Chinese and US officials also h

ope the Chinese and US public and private bodies to jointly build high sp▓eed railways, said the statement.10th annual meeting of CAST opens in ZhengzhouA number of reason▓s would explain why China has emerged as an innovation superpower. Y▓ou have to take into consideration that it the world most populous nation and the second largest economy in our globe. The rise of C▓hina did not happen by accident. The late Chinese leader D▓eng Xiaoping had paved the path to prosperity by introducing reform and opening up.Why China ▓is leading in

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